At Fund-Well, we wish everyone around the world good health and safety during the Covid 19 period.

As we go through uncertain times ourselves, one can only keep a positive spirit and carry on living a meaningful life.

We noticed that many countries are already practicing restricted movement activities and many gatherings had been advised to be postponed or cancelled.

At Fund-Well, we understand this sinking feeling and thought perhaps our little website can be helpful to those who have to carry on raising funds for their organisation.

Fund-Well has always been a tool that enables campaigns to have the ability to hold online auction and online sales.

We allow items that were donated to be auctioned or sold. All the Organizers have to do is to contact us and we will set up your event / campaign with the items to be auctioned or sold.

Once the link is up, all the Organizers have to do is to send emails or messages to their contacts.